If you’ve been investing in cryptocurrency for any length of time, you’ve probably had your share of pop-the-champagne highs, as well as stomach-churning lows. You realize the lack of actionable information to help guide you makes it almost impossible to have a cohesive investment strategy. And that makes each investment you make even riskier.How would you like to smooth out that ride and still capitalize on the incredible opportunity you can only find in cryptocurrency?Now you can with Crypto PowerRanks.



The WaterStreet Market Consensus PowerIndicator™ is a powerful multi-factor view of crypto market sentiment.
It’s designed with one purpose – to identify a bullish or bearish market and help you avoid major drawdowns.HOW DO WE DO IT?The Market Consensus 15 PowerIndicator™ uses a multi-factor analysis across the 15 largest crypto assets in the market as indicated by the WSRP Crypto 15 Index. Additionally, our members get access to the Market Consensus 30 PowerIndicator™ which looks across the 30 largest cryptocurrencies.

Our Population-Based Learning AI algorithms gauge the speed and correlations within the market across multiple market sentiment factors. This analysis is distilled down into a single indicator which aims to identify strength or weakness in the crypto markets.

Our Tactical Index Series gives you clear signals that you can use to navigate and monitor today’s fast moving crypto market. For example, this year the Crypto markets have fallen significantly leaving most investors frustrated on how to capture the vast potential in blockchain technology. The Crypto PowerRanks Members that followed the Tactical Index Series have experienced stunning returns so far this year. The Tactical Series WSRP Long/Short 15 and Long/Flat 15 produced year-to-date returns of +104.45% and +40.49% respectively compared to significant losses for those who stayed in the market.
AI – Driven Market Consensus Indicator 2018 Performance Results – 1/1/2018 to 6/25/2018
Crypto PowerRanks™ gives you a proven, flexible approach that enables you to research, plan, and implement a dynamic investment strategy that can help navigate the volatile waters of the cryptocurrency market.
OUR EXPERIENCE IS YOUR ADVANTAGEWhether you are a new or seasoned investor, the team at WaterStreet Research Partners is here to help make you a better investor. With more than 50 years combined experience, WaterStreet has taken the same investment strategies they used to manage billions of dollars in assets, and – for the first time – applied them to the cryptocurrency market.By using proven, institution-level analytics and portfolio construction strategies, Crypto PowerRanks™ delivers clear and concise intelligence when you need it most. It can help you identify key investment opportunities, learn how to balance your risk and return profile, know when to get in to the market and – just as important – know when to get out of the market, and much more.With this disciplined approach and diversified exposure, you have a greater chance of watching your portfolio grow in a variety of market conditions. Look at this example of how an investment made using the guidance of two Crypto PowerRanks™ indices performed in comparison to the same investment made in bitcoin.
WSRP Crypto Momentum 15 Index
Cumulative Return 9/30/16 to 3/31/18
WSRP Crypto Minimum Volatility 15 IndexCumulative Return 9/30/16 to 3/31/18
Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency investing should be considered the riskiest investment class known to man. One should not borrow money to invest and should only invest amounts that you can afford to lose entirely. You should always seek the advice of a qualified financial professional prior to making any investments. Past performance is not a guarantee or indication of future results. All indices, signals, indicators, and tools are for informational purposes only and are limited.
This groundbreaking level of AI-driven research and unmatched market intelligence has never been available to crypto investors – until now. And it’s only available to subscribing members of Crypto PowerRanks.As a CPR Member, you will have 24/7 access to the vital, continually updated information you need as a smart investor. Here is what you get as a subscriber.
The PowerIndices™ include a total of 12 AI-driven indices in the Momentum series, Minimum Volatility series, and Tactical series. Using quantitative, factor-based investing models (otherwise known as smart beta) that have been proven over decades of use by institutions and top fund managers, these strategy-based indices measure a coin’s performance based on a series of varied factors, and help you develop a portfolio that better matches your investment preferences. Each index is accompanied by a detailed four page report.

The PowerReports™ give you concise, actionable information on the cryptocurrency market. These weekly reports give you a clear view into the changes within our PowerIndices™, along with key tools to help you understand market movements. When to get in and when to get out of an investment is some of the most critical intelligence you need.

PowerIndicators™ give you the key metrics and a set of interactive tools that are designed to give you an edge in formulating investment decisions and identifying tomorrow’s top performing cryptocurrencies. Whether you’re looking for a single coin or a group of crypto assets, by using these tools you’ll gain confidence in the choices you make when buying and selling coins.
For an investor, information is power. These 20 Benchmark indices provide a standard against which any coin or portfolio can be measured. They will show you the benefits of diversification and help you understand the current performance and volatility within a variety of crypto market segments. Each index is accompanied by a detailed four page report.
PowerRanks News
This news feed is an artificial intelligence-powered compilation of the latest crypto news and information from some of the leading publications and news organizations around the world.
Membership in Crypto PowerRanks™ is available through a renewing monthly subscription of just $39.95 a month . You get 24/7, members-only access to all of the tools, the research, the 32 indices, the market consensus indicators, reports, and more.
And if you join as a new CPR Member today, you can join for only $19.95 for your first month.It’s time to leave the world of best-guess investing behind. With this information always just a click away, you can become the smart investor you need to be. Become a Crypto PowerRanks™ member today.

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