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WaterStreet Research Partners

WaterStreet is a leader in asset allocation and smart beta investment management research. We are dedicated to delivering unbiased market intelligence to help individual and institutional investors make wise, informed decisions. Our founders, Thomas Fox and Jonathan Held, together have more than 50 years experience and have managed billions of dollars in assets for some of the largest investment firms in the U.S. This wealth of knowledge has helped financial professionals and investors build and manage better portfolios in all kinds of market environments. Through Crypto PowerRanks, WaterStreet utilizes its in-depth experience to deliver a broad and comprehensive suite of cutting edge research and valuable tools to individual investors in the cryptocurrency market.

In addition to this quantitative work, the WaterStreet team spends countless hours researching coin fundamentals and various projects that are not yet passing our data quality and liquidity requirements. Crypto marketing and project stories can be very exciting. Over the long run, however, we strongly believe consistent performance will ultimately guide us to the most successful investments. In this fast-moving market and ever-changing crypto landscape, we help investors stay disciplined to a process, a goal, and a next step.

"The Programmable Global Economy is upon us. 

The Ripples are here. The Waves are Coming. Where are you Looking?" 

- WaterStreet Research Partners

Jonathan D. Held

Founder, Managing Partner

Jon is a co-founder and managing partner of Water Street Research Partners. He leads the day-to-day operations and oversees the technology and research initiatives of the firm. Prior to founding WSRP, Jon spent over 10 years building proprietary quantitative strategies and the technology needed to support the deployment of robust investment research and strategies to the marketplace. He has led the way in applying option overlay strategies to smart beta factor investing, and developed WaterStreet's proprietary research using derivatives to reduce volatility while enhancing the opportunity for income. His background in RIA operations, compliance, portfolio management, and market research adds to WaterStreet's effectiveness within its consulting services. Jon’s passion in the industry is to bring institutional capabilities to the hands of advisors and their clients.

Jon has been fascinated by cryptographically secured assets since late 2011. While gathering information in a high-performance computing forum for his next quant-rig build for market analysis and trading, Satoshi’s paper opened a new paradigm, uniting all of Jon’s previous studies in finance, economics, and technology. In late 2012, the Bitcoin Slush Pool was his first hands-on crypto mining experience. He’s been a student of the crypto asset class ever since.

Thomas G. Fox

Founder, Managing Partner

Tom is a co-founder and managing partner of WaterStreet Research Partners. He oversees the day-to-day priorities of the firm and leads the investment research design and initiatives. Tom has more than 30 years experience building proprietary quantitative investment strategies. He was an early adopter of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and became a top performing ETF strategist. His investment strategies were selected by top tier money management platforms with assets reaching over $1.5 billion. Tom was a pioneer in applying a momentum-based, quantitative approach to equity styles of investing (Growth, Value, Small, Mid, Large). His dedication to quantitative investment strategies led to many institutional clients, and he was invited to present his work to the Federal Reserve Board. Tom's 26 years as a chief investment officer brings a deep knowledge base to WaterStreet's research and consulting services. Tom’s desire is to share his institutional investing skill and expertise with all crypto investors.

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