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Crypto Market Pulse

Crypto Market Pulse gives you summary information on every index and every coin within Crypto PowerRanks. These at-a-glance views help you understand how each segment is performing, and gives you that critical look at the overall market. With that knowledge, you will gain an edge in trading your own portfolio.

The Performance Summary is an overview of the 12 WSRP Crypto PowerIndices, the 20 Crypto PowerBenchmark Indices, and informational coins/tokens. The summary provides a quick view of multiple return periods, the volatility of the index or coin, and correlation information that keeps you up to date on how well each index within the WSRP index suite is performing. The interactive filter allows you to further customize the information by choosing the Index Series and/or Methodology in which you’re most interested.

This section also includes the WSRP Alpha Cycle, which enables you to see how each WSRP index series is performing in relation to the WSRP Crypto 30 Index. This chart helps you visualize the trend cycle and see whether an index is strengthening, weakening, outperforming, or underperforming.

The Asset Coverage and Classification section gives you a summary description of every coin and token within the WSRP Crypto Total Market Index. You will learn each asset’s classification framework, including its Super Sector, Protocol Category, and its Traditional Sector/Industry. For each coin or token, this section lists its purpose, market capitalization, volume, performance, and supply. This regularly updated information provides the valuable, critical intelligence you need as a smart crypto investor. 

As a Crypto PowerRanks™ Member, you’ll have a detailed version of this interactive report that delivers a much deeper perspective throughout the classification hierarchies.

About Our Data

The WSRP Crypto Total Market Index Portfolio represents all crypto assets that we currently track in our research. This index is updated on the first day of each quarter as we rescan the market for three primary factors prior to an asset being included in, or excluded from our universe: Data Quality, Liquidity, and Market Cap.

Data Quality

The crypto market is very young, and obtaining quality data isn't always easy. We maintain strict controls on the assets we will include in our indices, based on whether the price, volume, and attribute data are unavailable or of low quality. At minimum, all assets require a 90-day price history. We believe that as this investment class matures, the assets that are worth the investment will naturally have more robust data available.


While it's nice to think everyone could have bought those coins that were $0.0033 before going to $3.00, the reality is, capital is scarce. Especially in a new and emerging asset class like crypto. Liquidity is about volume and market capitalization, which also tends to correlate with exchange availability. Our liquidity filters are intended to keep a clear picture of the crypto market and emerging asset class dynamics, while also limiting the dataset to assets that are regularly traded.

Market Cap

At the end of each quarter, we require that each asset have a market capitalization above $25M USD over the previous 90 days. This requirement enables us to populate our indices only with coins/tokens that are growing in market consensus viability.

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