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Membership in Crypto PowerRanks begins with choosing your monthly subscription level. Then, as a CPR Member, you will immediately have 24/7 access to the vital, continually updated information you need as a smart investor. Here is what you get as a subscriber.


The 12 indices in the Momentum series, Minimum Volatility series, and Tactical series measure a coin’s performance and help you develop a portfolio that better matches your investment preferences.


The weekly reports give you a clear view into the changes within the PowerIndices, as well as key tools to help you interpret market movements.


These indicators give you the key metrics and a set of interactive tools that enable you to confidently formulate your investment decisions.


These 20 Benchmark indices show you the benefits of diversification and help you understand the current performance and volatility within the crypto markets.

PowerRanks News

This is an AI driven compilation of the latest crypto news and information from some of the leading publications and news organizations around the world.

WSRP Index 

Performance Summary

The summary provides a quick view of multiple return periods, the volatility of the index or coin, and correlation information that keeps you up to date on how various segments and styles of investing within the crypto market are performing.

WSRP Crypto Asset 

Coverage & Classification 

(Member Only Edition)

Delivers enhanced insights for members only into how coins/tokens are classified and how various super sector, protocols, and industries are performing.


The cryptocurrency market is a young, continually evolving world filled with new arrivals, coin and token departures, and unforeseen changes. As the market matures, we will periodically update our offerings and provide critical insight on the current state of the market.

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