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Strategic market intelligence is what every investor needs. The PowerBenchmarks is made up of 20 Benchmark indices that provide a standard against which any coin or portfolio can be measured. These indices include Capitalization Weighted, X-Bitcoin, and Equal Weighted Indexes. Each index is constructed with a similar process and includes multiple coin and token combinations that focus on a segment of the Total Market portfolio. They will help you understand the benefits of diversification and show you the current performance and volatility of a variety of crypto market segments. This information is invaluable in helping you identify how segments of the crypto market are evolving.

Easy-to-Use Member Tools

Within your CPR Member portal, you will find an easy-to-navigate start page for the PowerBenchmarks Indices. 

The Index Home page enables you to quickly choose the index you want to explore, see its performance in comparison to other indices, and gauge how its risk/return fits your investment style. 

You can customize your research even more on the Performance page, where you can choose a narrower or broader population of indices to measure, and even zero in on specific timeframes to track. 

The Allocations page gives you a list and descriptions of the coins/tokens currently held within the index. 

Finally, the Market Internals page will help you identify those all-important trends in the broader crypto market.

Four Page Report for each of the 20 PowerBenchmarks Indices

The Capitalization Series

Indices based on market capitalization have been a predominant vehicle in assessing equity market performance over the past 40 years. WaterStreet is now making this same strategy available in the cryptocurrency market. Coins and tokens within this series are chosen and allocated proportionally based on their relative capitalization within the crypto market. This provides a broad market benchmark against which CPR Members can compare the performance of other coins or indices.

Indices within the Capitalization Series

          • WSRP Crypto 5 Index
          • WSRP Crypto 15 Index
          • WSRP Crypto 30 Index
          • WSRP Crypto 100 Index
          • WSRP Crypto Total Market Index
          • WSRP Crypto Large Cap Index
          • WSRP Crypto Mid Cap Index
          • WSRP Crypto Small Cap Index
          • WSRP Crypto Large Cap-E Index
          • WSRP Crypto Mid Cap-E Index
          • WSRP Crypto Small Cap-E Index

The X-Bitcoin Series

We are all aware of the relative size of bitcoin when compared to other cryptocurrencies. But its size and market capitalization can actually skew the market’s overall performance. The indices in this series show performance results without including bitcoin.

Indices within the X-Bitcoin Series

          • WSRP Crypto 5 X-Bitcoin Index
          • WSRP Crypto 15 X-Bitcoin Index
          • WSRP Crypto 30 X-Bitcoin Index
          • WSRP Crypto 100 X-Bitcoin Index

The Equal Weighted Series

While the indices in this series are also segmented based on capitalization, the coins and tokens within each index are given equal allocation. This helps prevent any single coin from having more influence on the index than any of the other assets held. Historically, the equal-weighted method has shown strong returns over the long term and offers a greater potential for diversification. 

Indices within the Equal Weighted Series

            • WSRP Crypto 5 Equal Weight Index
            • WSRP Crypto 15 Equal Weight Index
            • WSRP Crypto 30 Equal Weight Index
            • WSRP Crypto 100 Equal Weight Index
            • WSRP Crypto Total Market Index

This in-depth research and easy-to-use tools are only available to Crypto PowerRanks Members.

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