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The PowerIndicatorsare an incredible set of tools that have been developed out of decades of real-world institutional investing experience. These interactive tools enable you to gain insight and clarity for every investment decision you make, whether you want to discover outperforming coins and tokens, find out if a coin’s risk is right for you, or wondering when to get out of the market all-together. This wealth of information is designed to do one thing – give you an edge in identifying tomorrow’s top performing cryptocurrencies .

Information Customized to Your Needs

As a smart investor, you don’t want random, general information about the crypto markets. The Selection Guide is your starting point and allows you to choose from the top 15, 30, 100, and Total Market segments. This unparalleled level of control enables you to precisely find the information and market intelligence you need. As your selection is made, the analytics within every tool automatically align to the coin and index series you’ve chosen, beginning with a presentation of critical information unique to your coin.

The Price Action Chart gives you a one-year look at the price fluctuations of your coin, and how it compares to three moving averages. This is an at-a-glance reference that lets you quickly see the price movements and helps you put information from the indicators in context. For a more in-depth look at this chart, you simply need to hover your cursor over the chart and a pop-up window will display more details for that date.

To help you determine whether you should be invested in the coin you’re researching, you may look at the Tactical Indicators and its two charts, Individual Momentum and Overbought/Oversold.

The Individual Momentum chart shows your coin’s momentum over the short, intermediate, and long term. By using a “waterline” as a point of reference, you can quickly see if your coin’s momentum is negative when it is below the line (in or entering a bearish period), or positive when it is above the line (in or entering a bullish period).

The Overbought/Oversold chart helps you understand the current opportunity or risk of your coin based on its movement towards its historic average over the short, intermediate, and long term. Statistically, assets tend to revert toward their mean over time. This information can be very helpful in choosing when to buy or sell an asset.

The Market Consensus Indicator gives you a picture of what the broader market in general looks like. It displays the WSRP Market Consensus for the Top 15 and Top 30 index series based on market capitalization. Knowing whether the market is bullish or bearish is essential when deciding when to get in or out of the market.

The Momentum PowerRanks™ Indicator measures your coin’s strength or weakness when compared to the index series you chose. This information can help you know which coins to consider and which to avoid. It is measured on a weekly basis and gives your coin a rank within the index.

The Volatility PowerRanks™ Indicator measures your coin’s degree of volatility when compared to your selected index series. Measured on a monthly basis, this can help you identify coins that offer more stability within your portfolio. It also gives your coin a ranking within the index.

The Alpha Cycle Indicators comprise two charts measuring your coin’s relative performance cycle over the short term and intermediate term. Measured against several different indices, this shows you if your coin is outperforming or underperforming, and whether it is showing signs of strengthening or weakening. This can be helpful when you want to see if a coin is at the beginning or end of a trend.

The Correlations Indicator is a statistical measure of the degree to which your coin moves in relation to an index or another coin/token. This indicator is helpful when you want to identify coins that may provide more diversification. A lower correlated coin provides further diversification to your overall portfolio, which may result in lowering your investment’s volatility

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