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The PowerIndices include 12 indices in the Momentum Series, Minimum Volatility Series, and Tactical Series. They are based on an AI-driven, propriety scoring methodology called PowerRanks that uses quantitative factor models (known as smart beta) that have been proven effective and reliable over decades of use by institutions and top fund managers. Smart beta strategies are designed to add value by systematically selecting, weighting, and rebalancing portfolio holdings based on a series of varied factors other than market capitalization. Coins and tokens within these indices are chosen only after they pass our liquidity, data quality, and capitalization tests. Because this process is quantitative and rules-based, it removes the emotional decisions that can haunt an investor, and helps you stay disciplined as you develop a portfolio that best matches your investment preferences.

Easy-to-Use Member Tools

Within your CPR Member portal, you will find an easy-to-navigate start page for each of the three PowerIndices series. 

The Index Home page enables you to quickly choose the index you want to explore, see its performance in comparison to other indices, and gauge how its risk/return fits your investment style. 

You can customize your research even more on the Performance page, where you can choose a narrower or broader population of indices to measure, and even zero in on specific timeframes to track. 

The Allocations page gives you a list and descriptions of the coins/tokens currently held within the index. 

Finally, the Market Internals page will help you identify those all-important trends in the broader crypto market.

Four Page Report for each of the 12 PowerIndices™

The Momentum Series

The Momentum factor is a well-known and well-tested investment factor in the financial markets. Top leaders in finance have found empirical evidence this investment factor is persistent in achieving better risk adjusted returns than capitalization weighted indices. The Momentum series uses a multi-factor approach to identify the fastest growing cryptocurrency, and is optimized to capture the highest returns in today’s fast moving crypto marketplace. 

Indices within the Momentum Series

    • WSRP Crypto Momentum 15 Index
    • WSRP Crypto Momentum 30 Index
    • WSRP Crypto Momentum 100 Index
    • WSRP Crypto Momentum Total Market Index

The Minimum Volatility Series

Minimum-variance and managed volatility strategies have been around since the early 1990s and are well-respected investment factors in the financial markets. The Minimum Volatility factor has historically earned a premium over long periods of time. These indices are optimized to identify coins and tokens that are potentially more stable and lower risk in today’s cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency and digital assets will continue to exhibit high volatility as the market continues to mature, so the Minimum Volatility indices provide key tools to help you improve portfolio diversification and reduce your risk. 

Indices within the Momentum Series

    • WSRP Crypto Minimum Volatility 15 Index
    • WSRP Crypto Minimum Volatility 30 Index
    • WSRP Crypto Minimum Volatility 100 Index
    • WSRP Crypto Minimum Volatility Total Market Index

The Tactical Series

The Tactical indices reflect a dual-factor approach to cryptocurrency. While all other WSRP rules-based portfolios are long-only, the Tactical Series aggregates specific indicator views and either removes all exposure, or repositions to cash or a short position. Tactical investing is an active, continuous discipline that aims to lessen the effects of downturns in the crypto market. These market fluctuations offer both risks and opportunities. The Tactical indices monitor these fluctuations and periodically adjust or remove exposure to preserve and grow a portfolio’s value. 

Indices within the Tactical Series

      • WSRP Crypto Momentum Long/Flat 15 Index
      • WSRP Crypto Momentum Long/Short 15 Index
      • WSRP Crypto Momentum Long/Flat 30 Index
      • WSRP Crypto Momentum Long/Short 30 Index

All of this, and more, is available to you today when you become a Crypto PowerRanks Member.

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